5kW Vertical Axis Turbine

Amazon Image5kW ON-GRID Vertical Axis Wind Turbine – Complete

Product Description

Finally homeowners and small business owners have an affordable and reliable renewable energy alternative sized for their needs

Artmetco’s Vertical Axis Wind Turbines put renewable energy within your reach.

Reliable, affordable, independent, clean electricity with zero greenhouses gas emissions!

Choose from the 3KW, 5KW, and 10K Wind Turbines.

Each turbine is made up of a durable long lasting alloy aluminium steel precision casting. Very easy to install with a beautiful design!

Innovative aerofoil and vertical axis wind wheel with magnetic suspension structure.

Product Features

Complete unit includes Turbine, Tower, Inverters and Controller¬† 34.3′ Height suitable for most residential locations without need for variance.

Nearly silent operation! Bird / bat friendly design.

Low start-up wind speed – the turbine spends less time idle and more time generating electricity.

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