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WARNING – If you do NOT follow the easy strategies in this book immediately, you may lose your house…and your car!

Governments now believe that YOU (we as humans) are the main cause of the so called greenhouse effect and global warming.

They are about to make

YOU and me pay for it!


…YOU do something about it NOW!

As you know, the entire world is suffering an huge economic downturn like we have never seen before in history – and there is so sign of relieve yet!

Governments do not have money to spend on global warming right now BUT they are go to need HUGE amounts very soon or it is going to be to late. Where do YOU think all this money is going to come from?

No matter what your lifestyle is today! If you currently own or rent a house, own a car or have a job…this means you have money. People with money, just like you, WILL pay MORE TAX soon – it doesn’t matter where in the world you live or stay. The only way to escape this is to follow a G-PLAN (Green Plan) to reduce your energy needs. The sooner you start you G-PLAN the better. Without your own G-PLAN you will pay more tax than anyone else. Maybe even a 100% or 200% more!

This book will give you 99 strategies you can implement TODAY and start saving a fortune tomorrow!

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